This is the authorized biography of Sergeant Darrell “Shifty” Powers whom most of you will probably recognize as the sharpshooter from the Band of Brothers HBO mini-series, itself based on the true account of Easy Company during WWII. The family of Sgt. Powers commissioned the author, Mr. Brotherton, to write the biography of Sgt. Powers. While “Shifty” was not a sniper in its strictest sense, he was a sharpshooter, having taken out a few German snipers through the conflict. He was regarded as the best marksman in Easy Company and operated in a similar role as a designate marksman today with his M1 Garand. This book was oddly written from the first person perspective as if it were Sgt. Powers memoirs, which it was not, and I probably would have preferred that it be written in the traditional third person perspective. Regardless, the book was a good read and provided some personal insight into what the 101st went through in WWII. The book was well researched and drew from many interviews with Sgt. Powers, who passed away a while ago, and while the book does not offer much in terms of sniper history or instruction, it is none the less a good book for us all to read to help remember what our greatest generation went through on the ground in Europe, and it does have the marksman twist as well.

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