This is perhaps the single book that started the modern trend of sniper memoirs from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The book has always had some detractors and now after reading it, I can see why. There is a lot of ego present in the book, which can rub some people the wrong way and the book could certainly have used some polish to help it relate better to the average reader. Between the use of the term “Smoke Checking” for a bad guy shot dead, to the casual demeanor Mr. Coughlin uses to refer to his superior marksmanship, it can certainly be taken the wrong way. Mr. Coughlin does also address his dream of a mobile sniper strike team throughout the book, but it is not mentioned in a lot of detail. The general concept is explained briefly and it is a good idea for mobile and urban conflicts like Mr Coughlin experienced in Iraq and some lessons can be learned. In regards to general sniping, there is not a lot of detail on the “how to”, but there is some good detail on some of his engagements as the data was taken from his log book. On a whole I personally did not enjoy the book much, but there was enough information to make the read pass without too much pain

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