After we had reviewed seasons one and two of the USA network TV series Shooter, we figured we should review season three as well. For those of you that have not been following along, Shooter is the TV adaptation of the Bobby Lee Swagger novels written by Stephen Hunter. The books were written a few decades ago, so the series updates the story to fit in with current events. With these media reviews, I tend to waiver from the impartial writer and allow some more of my own opinions to come out…hope that is okay.

The first season was good, the second season had a good story, but had less sniping content, and unfortunately, the trend continues. Season three picks up right where season two left off, and in fact, it wraps up the cliff hanger from the end of season two in the first episode, but then leads right into the next story line that is tied to the season two plot. We did not appreciate the way they ended season two with such a big lose end and we still feel the same. They should have concluded it better and just transitioned into the season three plot without leaving season two so unfulfilled. No problem though, as Bob Lee had a whole new can of worms to take care of, and it wasn’t all going to be resolved with a gun as his heroics around the globe are putting a major strain on his marriage.

As in the previous seasons, the story line is good, the writing is solid as is the acting and production as a whole. But if we complained about the lack of sniping in season two, it is even worse in season three. There literally is not any sniping until the very last episode. The rest of it is a combination of CQB, pistol play, and even some MMA thrown in for good measure. All of it this is fine, but Bob Lee is supposed to be ‘THE’ sniper, unfortunately, that doesn’t fit much into the writers action movie style script. Perhaps the series should be titled “The Operator” or something like that to better fit the action. We point this out only because the protagonist is a sniper, and we are Sniper Central, so we comment on the sniping. We do need to mention that there was at least some better fieldcraft used in the very last sniping scene of the last episode. That was good. The other time Bob Lee is sniping, during the same last episode, its bad. In fact, he uses an unknown rifle, with unknown ammo that he literally took from a car on the street, and made some impressive shots. (ugh). But, we do have to give credit to the director who obviously brought in some consultants for the CQB work.

Oh, like in season two, I have to complain about the conspiracy plot again. The writers obviously are “slightly” in tune with what the Deep State is, and even use the term once or twice, but they failed to realize that their bad guy organization was EXACTLY what the deep state is defined as in the expose book title “Deep State”. (It is itself an interesting read). Unfortunately, the worst part was at the end of the season when they shut down this rogue off the books organization and then immediately start it right back up. But that is okay because this time it is with the “good guys” running it. Really? Did the writers not read what they just had their fictitious organization do throughout the entire season? It too started with “good guy” intentions, but now we are to believe this new version of it is going to only do what is good for the world? Who decides that? With no overwatch? Yikes…deep state. Okay, off my soapbox.

If this were not part of the Bob Lee Swagger series and he wasn’t supposed to be a sniper and just an operator of some sort, then we would give it a much higher score. But because it is intended to be a series about a sniper, we have to knock it pretty hard for the lack of actually sniping. They periodically pick up a sniper rifle in a few episodes, but they are not actually sniping until the last. We certainly enjoyed it and it is well done, there is just not enough sniping in it. It certainly is worth watching though.

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Charles Burnley

I haven’t seen this season yet, but I’m in total agreement on season two’s ending. My understanding was that Phillippe was injured to the point they had to shut down production. Thoroughly enjoyed the first season though.


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