We reviewed the original first season of Shooter and had a favorable opinion of that initial season. Because of that favorable opinion, we decided to continue with watching Season Two and see if the producers could keep up the good work.

As we mentioned in that first review, Shooter is an adaptation of the original Stephen Hunter novel Point of Impact and that first season wrapped up the telling of that novel, but with obviously needed changes to bring it into modern times. The second season moves the story of Bobby Lee Swagger into a new series of challenges that threaten his family and friends.

We went into season two with expectations that the quality would be just as good as the first season and in some ways it was. Most of the acting continued to be good with all of the same actors returning to revive their roles from season one. Ryan Phillippe does a good job portraying Bobby Lee and veteran’s as a whole. The supporting actors also continue to all do a solid job.

Unfortunately it seems as if their technical advisers, at least on the sniping side, may have parted ways or were not listened to closely as the accuracy of sniping portrayal went down a notch. Of course, compromises are always made for entertainment purposes, but season one seemed to do a more accurate job and the action stepped a bit further from reality. It is still better than most, but not up to the same standards as season one.

The oddest part of Season Two was with how it ended. We were watching the series via Netflix and after the 8th episode there were no more and we figured it was just Netflix being Netflix and having not posted the full season yet. That 8th episode just kind of ended without ending the story. Upon further research, episode 8 was indeed the last episode of the season. We would not even call it a cliff hanger because the season just kind of ended, no real climax or resolution. It was odd. But there is a third season and we suppose that is where the story will pick up, and then eventually end.

Again, the series did a good job with the Bobby Lee Swagger story and it is entertaining and not too far fetched. Of course, the ending of the season was weird and the technical sniping side of things wasn’t up to what we would like to see, but it was still entertaining. The lack of fieldcraft continues to be a huge omission from the series, with just about zero consideration for tactical concealment and other sniper fieldcraft skills, that is the hardest part to take for those snipers that watch it. But if you go into the series looking for entertainment, then its a solid choice…just be prepared for the lack of resolution to end the season.

The show is rated TV-14, mainly for the language and blood, there is no nudity and very little sexual content.

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Edward Wojdyla

It seems like each season is being based off one of the books. Season 2 was based on book 3, while season 3 is subsequently based on the second book in the Bob Lee series.


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