As many who have been following Sniper Central over the years know, family is really big to us. We understand that not everyone is blessed with a good family, but we do recognize also that family extends even beyond just blood family. My son has been serving a church mission for two years and he came back at the end of the summer in 2018 and then headed straight off to college. One of the things that we have always enjoyed doing together is long range shooting and in fact, some of you may have even attended one of our shooting classes where Stirling was there helping lug targets and enjoying the experience.


He came back home for spring break and one of the first things he wanted to do was some long range shooting…music to my ears. So we packed up one of our favorite .308 rifles (Read the BOPR project) and some HSM 168gr AMAX and headed out. The rifle has a new Leupold scope on it and we needed to do some data gathering with for our own use. We have access to a friends ranch that allows us free reign to shoot anywhere from 100 yards to over a mile. Though in the winter time, things can be a challenge as we had over 2 feet of snow to trek through as we moved back from our initial 200 yard shooting position. We just relaxed and enjoyed the time together, and Bryon from here at SC joined us as well. We treated it seriously, but just enjoyed the conversation and laying in the snow getting cold and wet together. We spent about two hours shooting and were able to get good data at 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 yards. We used one of our weatherproof data books with a pencil during the process and it worked well in the snow. Stirling had almost no rust with his shooting and was quickly back in the swing of things. The rifle has a Timney 2-stage trigger on it, which took some getting used to for him, but he enjoyed consistent head shot hits at 500 and 600 yards with this SWS.

There is not a lot of sniper relevant data in this post beyond some ideas on data gathering, but it also just reminds us all to not let things, even important things, come between what is the MOST important.

Stay tuned, more Sniper content coming in the next few days.


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