Well, it is that time of year! Some people get excited for the Super Bowl, others get excited for Barrett Jackson (us included) and others, such as Sniper Central, get excited for all the new product announcements and reveals at the annual SHOT Show! We try to focus on only the things that relate to sniping and we report on the interesting stuff we find. So without further ado, lets look at some of what has been announced so far…

Trijicon – Trijicon came into 2020 with a whole slew of new products, including four new lines of variable power rifle scopes. They are not all related to sniping, but the Ascent line has a 3-12x40mm scope with 30mm tube and some low profile capped turrets that are finger adjustable and look good. The retail price is $699. The Credo line offers several sniping capable scopes with multiple zoom ranges and illuminated reticles. One of the ones that looks very good is the 2.5-15x42mm. Prices center around that $1000 range, heading up or down depending on the chosen model. They also offer the Tenmile line of scopes that cater more toward competition shooting and do not initially look like they will work well for sniping. They also have some new AccuPoint scopes as well. But perhaps the big news is the introduction of their Ventus LRF that has wind-mapping capability!

As you can tell from the Trijicon image above, the unit is large, but the laser is powerful with ranging ability out to 5000 yards, even in bad conditions. It also uses Lidar to perform wind mapping at ranges up to 500 yards. While the distance on the wind mapping capability is limited, it is important to note that even knowing what the wind is doing close to your position can help a lot. The downside is going to be the price, which has not been announced yet. Do not expect this thing to run less than $5000 USD, and do not be surprised if its double that. Trijicon 2020 Products

Sig Sauer – The big SIG news they are promoting is their contract win with the US Government for sniping ammunition. They were awarded a firm-fixed price contract for both the Mk248 Mod 1 and Mod 0 ammo for the .300 Win Mag. Both use the Sierra MatchKing 220gr bullet. Follow this link if you would like to learn about the history of the .300 Win Mag.

Nightforce – Nightforce has several changes this year, one of which is the changing of their spotting scope lineup. They are moving away from the TS-80 spotting scope and going with the TS-82 high definition scope body. They have some other minor tweaks to their existing scope lineup as well. They also released one interesting new product called the Wedge Prism.

This device is mounted directly in front of the scope, as seen in the picture above. It is an interesting solution for people that are looking for much more elevation adjustments with their scope for extreme range shooting. There are two versions of the device, a 50 MOA and a 100 MOA. The device optically shifts the reticle image in the scope, which can be any scope, and shifts it either 50 or 100 MOA to provide that much of “up” elevation. This allows scopes with limited MOA adjustments to be used at extreme ranges. The down side is that it obviously means the scope cannot maintain a zero at closer ranges while the prism is mounted. So it is for extreme range use only. The shift should be exactly the same each time it is mounted to the forward rail using the quick detach mechanism so you should be able to simply log the respective zero adjustments to go from short range without the prism to extreme range with the prism attached.

McMillan – McM introduced a new Universal Fit stock called the Z-1. It is a unique design and is made to fit any Remington style action without having to order a specific inlet. The barrel channel is also designed to fit most rifle contours. The intent is to reduce wait time on stock orders, though the price is about the same. The stock shape takes certain elements from some of their most popular stocks including the A4, A5 and A-10.

That should cover it for Report #1. We will report more when other reveals happen.

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