SHOT this year was filled with many new announcements, but then again, that is the case every year. Let us hit some final product releases that look interesting to us here at Sniper Central.

Horus – Horus was showcasing their new HoVR system which includes their FFP 5-20x50mm scope (with bright orange ring around the eyepiece) and the compatible LRF and weather meter that communicate with each other via Bluetooth. This is their take on a similar system that SIG optics has been selling for a few years now. The Horus one is more tailored to the long range crowd.

Swarovski – Swarovski announced the release of an illuminated version of their Z5 Series of rifle scopes. There are several versions of this scope that are suitable for sniping ranging from $1400-$1800 USD. The 3.5-18×44 BT looks very promising. Of course, anything from Swarovski is going to feature outstanding optics, and this model has the ballistic elevation knob as well that can be setup for multiple scenarios. Interesting.


Vortex – Vortex continues its evolution of the Razor HD scopes with the introduction of their Razor HD Gen III 1-10x24mm scope. This is a great looking FFP scope for DMR and SPR style rifles with a compact size and straight 34mm tube with no bell housing. It should work very well with forward mounted night vision devices and has tons of elevation adjustments (120 MOA). Price is spendy at $2900, but shows a lot of capability and is available with MOA or MRAD reticles but only with capped turrets.

Razor Gen III 1-10x24mm

Barrett – Barrett announced that their Mk22 MRAD rifle that was recently adopted by USSOCOM will be available on the civilian market as well.

Remington – Remington announced a new version of their PCR rifle called the PCR Enhanced. It features a MDT chassis, a 10 round PMag, threaded barrel and Cerakote finish. Its very similar to their existing PCR rifle, but with just some tweaks that customers were making any how. They just wanted to get their cut of the pie.

Sniper Central – Well, its not a SHOT show announcement, but we did release it at the same time, the SCMK12 Heritage SPR. This is a rifle that pays tribute to the MK12 rifles that were so successfully used by various SF groups and teams. You can order one now.


That about does it for this years SHOT show updates. Hope it helped muddle through all the news.

Sniper Central 2020

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