The Sniper Central Collection rifle we are presenting to you today is one that does not hold a tremendous collector value, at least not yet, but is one that is uncommon and has an interesting history. Way back in the 1990s, SIG offered a SSG3000 that was an expensive specialized sniper rifle that they sold along side their SSG550 semi-auto DMR/SPR rifle. It wasn’t a huge seller and as SIG began to really push their modern expansion, they wanted to have a more mainstream precision sniper rifle and they developed a new SSG 3000 with major changes.

The rifle actually moved “down class” and away from the super specialized category and into the upmarket production class rifle. The stock was a major change and everything was simplified. The stock did feature an aluminum bedding block and a synthetic material that was a mixture of several polymer components. The shape was well thought out and featured a vertical pistol grip and deep body with flush cup receptacles. The bolt has two rows of three lugs which allowed for a sixty degree bolt rotation. The action had other modern features like a DBM, adjustable cheekpiece and large bolt handle.

Initially the rifles were intended to be made in the USA but things were not in place and they built them in Germany. We do not know the details, but the ability to import the rifles from Germany eventually fell apart and they never did move production to the USA. This meant the rifles were only available for about a year, maybe two, in the states. They were relatively affordable at about $1250 new and they even showed up in WalMart stores for a while. The performance with their two stage triggers was actually pretty good for a production rifle with accuracy usually in the .5 – .75 MOA range.

With the rifles no longer available and the performance and capabilities of the rifles becoming more well known, they have creeped up in value over the past few years. Rifles in excellent condition typically go for about $1500 USD now. The one in our collection we purchased new when they first arrived on our shores and we performed a full review of the rifle which you can read here. During that review it easily shot sub .5 MOA with several brands of ammo. About the time we were done with the rifle SIG had announced they were no longer selling the rifle in the USA and we had an instant rash of calls from people looking for them. Combine this with our appreciation for the rifle and it inspired us to hold on to the one we had and add it to our permanent collection. We are glad we did as we actually end up liking the rifle more and more the longer we hold it. Its a fairly rare and unique rifle and it represents a good rifle for a very reasonable price when they were on the market. We hope to see the recognition and desirability of the rifles continue to grow. They brought in a lot of the rifles while they could, so the values will likely remain about where they are for several years still.

Ultimately we want to mount a scope on the rifle to complete the Sniper Weapon System as a whole, but we haven’t found one we feel compliments it perfectly yet. Because the rifle was made in Germany and SIG is a Swiss based company, we would like to combine it with a German or Austrian made optic. Maybe a fixed 10x or 3-12x with moderate sized objective. We’ll find something eventually. Until then, it will have to stand alone.

Estimated Value: $1500

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