This book is an add on to the the book Marine Sniper that introduced the world to Carlos Hathcock way back in the mid 1980’s. This newer book contains much of the several hundred pages that were removed from the original manuscript of the Marine Sniper book as well as some additional information from the later years of Gunny Hathcock’s life and I especially enjoyed the additional chapter on John Burke as well, it was well worth it. It was also nice to get some more information and details about some of the events, though be aware that there is a decent amount of “literary license” where Mr Henderson filled in what various people may have been thinking or doing, including Gunny Hathcock, at the end of his life. He admits in his forward that he had done so, so it is not a huge deal. The book is fairly scattered and covers a broad amount of events and I would not recommend this book until after you have read the original. Preferably this one right after the first. It is a pretty good addendum to the original and does provide some further insight into the legendary Marine and Sniper.

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