Well, perhaps a more appropriate title for the book might just be “A History of the US Marksman” as there is more history about the early development of the rifle and its use in combat than there really is about Sniping and/or Snipers. It may be because I have read so many books about sniping that I have just read about the history of the musket and rifle development too many times and it has grown old, but I would probably prefer to see this information left out of books supposedly about the history of sniping. The development of the ball and cap just is not entirely relevant to the history of US Sniping. Descriptions of equipment used by the early marksman is one thing, but a full dissertation about the development of the various ignition systems is a bit out of place in a book titled “Sniper”. I would prefer to have read more history about the marksmen themselves and their training. Still, there is some good information about some of the various conflicts that US Snipers were involved in, there was just not as much detail and information as there was about the development and history of the rifle.

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