This is not a typical book written by an accomplished author but rather more like a summary of the authors own sniper log book during WWII. The first half of the book covers Bruno Sutkus’ fairly short but active combat time on the Eastern Front as a sniper. There is some information about the German Sniper school and other very interesting historical information about the German Sniper program during the war. It does read like a log book and actually has many log entries from his 209 confirmed kills including many photos of pages from his log book as well as letters and commendations. For these reasons the book is worth reading, though it is a bit slow in the 2nd half of the book which covers his time spent in Siberia after the war and up until he finally gets back to his native land. I did find some parts of the book a bit troubling about his involvement as part of the Hitler Youth organization and the fact that it does not appear that he recognizes any wrong doing on the part of Germany during WWII, but there are not many comments about these subjects and if the book is treated as a soldier’s After Action Report (AAR), it does have some good information.

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