When it comes to books about sniping, Mark Spicer has become one of our favorite authors. He has real world experience and a wealth of knowledge pertaining to the subject matter. So when we picked up this book a few years back, we were once again impressed with the quality of the book and its content. It is a large format book and as the title indicates, it is filled with illustrations and photos of sniping. There are a lot of books about the history of sniping out there, and many of them have the same or even more detailed information about the historical subject matter than this book. But what sets this book apart is that it provides a large amount of very high quality pictures, both historical black and white photos as well modern color pictures of historical items, that help illustrate many of the topics that are discussed in the book. There are many pictures that are not seen in any other book and the book itself is also filled with stories and insight into the world of military sniping. Unfortunately it appears that the book is no longer in print, but if you come across a copy of it, it is very much worth adding to your collection and we highly recommend it. Hopefully if demand for the book is high enough it will go back into print.

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