Sniper Central Books

Below is a list, with links, to books that we have either written or one of our team members has written. There will be more coming.

Sniper Central Data Book

This is our tried and true data book that we have been printing and producing for years. It opens flat and has pages for known distance data collection, unknown distance engagements, moving targets, sketches,

range cards, consolidated data and other useful information.

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Sniper Central Weatherproof Data Book
This book is the same as our standard data book (see above) but is printed on weather/waterproof pages. All of the pages and data is the same but now you can use the books in all types of weather without problem. They work best with pencil, but ink pens can work as well, just be sure to test different inks and pens to see which work best.

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Desert Hawk: A Sniper Central Novel

This is the first novel in the Reluctant Sniper Series and is written by Melvin Ewing, the founder of Sniper Central. The book takes place in modern times in a fictional conflict that is ripped from today’s headlines. Of course it is about a sniper, but not your typical gungho super military sniper. Rather is a man who has not used those skills for decades, and never before had he used them in combat. Their is mystery and intrigue and of course…sniping. The book is available in softback and all major forms of eBook. You can get it from the following locations:

Sniper Central Store