The Sniper Central Collection

Welcome to the Sniper Central Collection. Here you will find detailed pictures, information, and even videos of the various rifles and equipment in the Sniper Central Collection.

Mission Statement
The mission and purpose of the Sniper Central Collection (SCC) is to preserve the legacy and history of snipers and their role in military warfare and law enforcement duties. This is done through the collection and preservation of historically significant artifacts primarily comprising of rifles and equipment used by snipers throughout the world. These artifacts will be used as the basis for a Museum of Sniping at a future date.

The Collection
Each rifle in the collection holds some significance to the Sniping community, wether law enforcement or military

  • M1D
  • No4Mk1(T)
  • Steyr SSG-69 P1
  • M24 SWS
  • Mauser 66SP
  • Remington M40 Commemorative Rifle
  • L129A1
  • C3/M82
  • Mk12 Mod 0 SPR (Replica)
  • CZ 750 S1M1
  • Remington 700P (PD Issued)
  • Remington 700P (PD Issued)
  • Parker Hale M85
  • Winchester Classic Sharpshooter II
  • H&K 91 w/PSG-1 Trigger group and MSG90 Buttstock
  • Mosin-Nagant 1891/30 Sniper (Armory reproduction)
  • FN SPR A3G (FBI HRT Approved)

A Call for Help
We are constantly on the lookout for equipment and firearms with historical sniping significance. If you have items that we may be interested and you are interested in selling, please contact us. We are on the lookout for firearms, uniforms, patches, optics, pictures, certificates, and just about anything else if it was used by snipers, both military and law enforcement.

Eventually we plan to open the Montana Museum of Sniping, a full non-profit museum to further our mission statement above.