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Sniper Cental Letter: First Issue!


Welcome to the first edition of the Sniper Central Letter (SCL). You might be asking yourself, what is this newsletter all about and why would I want to read it? Well, those are good questions and I will try to answer them here.

First, what is this letter? This is the official newsletter from Sniper Central and it is, and will be, written by myself, Mel, the long time head guy at The intent of this letter is to provide a monthly article, or two, written about things that relate to Sniping and Snipers. These articles will cover many different topics about the Sniper's Life and not just articles about ballistics or accuracy, though we will cover those as well. But topics about such things as balancing field portability versus weight and size with a rifle, or what might go into caliber selection for your next long range rifle, or even how to plan for retirement from your career as a sniper or marksman.

Yes, we will cover a wide variety of topics, but they will each, in some way, relate to Sniping. We will do our best to make them entertaining and worthwhile, which will be the number one reason why you would want to continue to be subscribed. We will also try to include interviews with past and present snipers or others that are considered experts in some of the topics. The Sniper Central Letter is free and if you have at some point been a member of the Sniper Central web page, you are automatically subscribed to the Sniper Central Letter. But if you would like to unsubscribe at anytime, you can do that here:

Or if you know someone who would like to subscribe to the SCL for free, you can send them here:

We will not inundate you with huge amounts of emails, but rather the initial plan is to send out one newsletter a month. We might eventually increase the frequency to twice a month, but we'll see how it goes first. The emails will have some ads in them to help offset the costs of writing the newsletter, but they will be ads that relate to the newsletter topic and will not be too invasive, and of course, if you do not like them, ignore them. There will only be one or two per newsletter.

Hopefully you will elect to stick around and enjoy the articles.

The Sniper's Life

So what is the Sniper's Life that we will be discussing? Let us take a moment to think about it.

The sniper in the current military or law enforcement unit has, for the most part, overcome the negative stigma of snipers from the past. I remember when I first graduated the US Army Sniper School in the 1990's and then let my parents know. Curiously, my Mom did not have any problem with it, but my father did. It was just not the 'manly' way to fight. But with the huge influx of sniper use over the past 10 years combined with the popularity of snipers in the media, my father, as well as most of the rest of public perception, has gotten over the negative view of snipers.


The sniper profession today is regarded with high respect and in some cases, primarily with the younger generation, with awe and fascination. But those that live the sniper life are not doing it for glory or respect, but typically they find themselves in the profession for various reasons that are far from glory seeking. Typically snipers will be the first to tell you, there is not much glory in laying in the mud and weeds for hours on end, bored out of your mind, trying to stay focused while providing over watch for the entry team that has just approached and then stormed a building looking for a high value target.

But the reason why snipers do what they do is because they understand the value of a single well placed shot or having eyes on the target, and they know that they have been properly trained and prepared to execute that very specific and demanding job. Snipers tend to love what they do and they then incorporate the discipline and mental fortitude into their everyday lives, and there begins living "The Sniper's Life".

These newsletters are intended to write about the Sniper's Life which as mentioned covers many aspects beyond just long range ballistics. When a sniper is in the field and assessing a scenario, he evaluates all that is known, minimizes the unknowns, and applies similar data from previous engagements to ascertain the calibrations that need to be applied to a scope, evaluate the rules of engagement to authorize the shot, and then in a split second can take the life of an enemy combatant or criminal threat to save the life of another.

But when the engagement is over and the sniper has successfully ex-filtrated from the final firing position and has made it back alive, the sniper's life does not stop there. The sniper must evaluate the engagement, the decisions made, the results, and then determine what needs to be changed. How could the team or sniper operate better, what equipment could be changed, what tactics can be altered. And then he or she must also ask when is the next time they can they exercise their body to help handle the stress? How are the finances at home? Should we make a switch to 300 Win Mag 220gr ammo instead of 190gr? Are the risks of Laser Range Finder failures and extra weight worth bringing them along for urban missions?

The sniper then applies the same problem solving skills and ingenuity to answering those questions as they do to executing a mission.

And that is the Snipers Life.

Stick with us as we discuss the many aspects of living the snipers life in the Sniper Central Letter.

Up next... why is the .308 so popular, and should we use it?

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