Sniper Central Precision Marksman School – Basic

Course Description
This course is intended as a primer to long range shooting and is focused on discussing the fundamentals of basic long range shooting skills. It is intended for the beginner to intermediate long range marksman but should offer some value for more experienced shooters as well. The course follows the path of data gathering at known distances and then moving to unknown distance shooting and will focus on range estimation, wind compensation and other skills useful for unknown distance long range shooting. While there are daily shooting competitions, these are intended to be fun and to add a little stress to test the skills gathered during the course, not as an outright competition. The course is taught in a manner to promote learning in a friendly manner with emphasis on quality shooting, not quantity. This course is open to LE, Military and Civilians. There is a decent amount of walking and other physical stresses including potentially hot and cold temperatures as well as wet weather, so please be prepared. We focus on keeping the class sizes small to promote better learning and full understanding of the principles being taught. The class is open to Canadians and other foreign students as well, but be aware that if you plan to bring and use your own firearm from out of country, there are ATF regulations that need to be followed. It is not difficult, but the paperwork does require a little bit of time to get approved from the ATF. Contact the ATF for more info.

A limited number of rifles, spotting scopes, and other equipment are available for rent.

Packing list:

  • Rifle capable of 1 MOA or better at 100 yards and capable of 800-1000 yard shooting.
  • Scope should have mil (or MOA) style reticle capable of range estimation.
  • Bipod or portable shooting rest (sand bags).
  • Hearing and eye protection is required.
  • Most firing will be done from the prone position on the ground, bring a matt if you would like.
  • Writing utensil and paper for taking notes.
  • Calculator for use in the field and on the range
  • Spotting scope (and tripod) per two person team, if you are coming by yourself, bring one.
  • Binoculars
  • Rear sandsock recommended
  • 260+ rounds of quality match grade ammunition, all the same load, preferably the same lot.
  • Wet weather gear
  • Compact red lens flashlight for low light shooting
  • Sunblock, hats, sunglasses, etc. The weather can be hot or cold and the range is at 5400ft elevation.
  • Food, housing, transportation to and from the range, etc. is the responsibility of the student. The range is right outside of Butte Montana, less than 10 miles from downtown.

Butte Gun Club, Butte Montana

Primary Instructor: Melvin Ewing, Owner
US Army Sniper School (Ft Benning), FBI SWAT Basic Sniper School (Resident school)
Assistant Instructor: Bryon Eyre, USAF Firearms instructor 10+ years

Range Use
Benches: Weds 1600-1800, Thurs 0830-0900
High Power: Thursday 1400-1700, Friday 0800-1000
Silhouette/Unknown distance: Friday 1300-1700 2100-2200, Saturday 800-1100

Class size: 10 shooters
223 Rem – 300 Win Mag (contact us if you plan to use .223)