This book is a telling of the military career of Rob Maylor, first with the British Royal Marine Commandos and then with the Australian SAS. The book is a fast reading first hand account of Rob’s career and how he deployed around the world serving tours in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan. Rob went through several different sniper schools in both the UK and Australia and operated as a sniper on most of those tours. While the book does cover some of the exploits of his operations as a sniper, there are not a lot of detailed accounts of sniping, but it does give a good overview of how the modern day sniper is deployed and utilized. Of course things are a bit different in elite units such as the SAS so the deploying of snipers may be a bit different than conventional units. Overall the book is a good and easy read and gives another good account of life as a military member today and while you do not get a lot of details about sniping, there is enough to keep it interesting and worth a read.

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