This book also bears the title “The Memoirs of Sepp Allerberger”. Sepp is a fictional name given to an actual sniper to protect his identity. The book is the Memoirs of Sepp who joined as a young man just in time to be a part of the German withdrawal from Russia and up to its defeat in Germany. He became a sniper soon after he joined and survived the remainder of the war becoming the 2nd highest scoring sniper in his Theater of operation and was awarded the Knights Cross. The book is an okay read with a few good and interesting photos, but there is a lot of focus on the brutality of the Russians during the war with numerous accounts of prisoner brutality, though only minor mention of the German’s equally brutal treatment of captured Russians. The insight and recounts of the battles are interesting especially to see how a sniper operated in a war of losing ground. But the frequent and very descriptive telling of gruesome scenes detracts some from the book. Yes, tell how the soldier caught a snipers bullet in the head, but do we really need to know the details of how the skull shattered and where all of the fleshy tissue ended up? What otherwise is a very unique story and experience worth telling of an Eastern Front sniper is sidetracked by unnecessary gruesome details of little importance.

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