Wow! This was one of the most enjoyable books to read on the subject of sniping in Iraq. Sgt. Mills was a Platoon Sgt in charge of a Sniper Platoon in the U.K. military (1st Battalion, Prince of Wales Regiment), over in Iraq in 2004. Sgt. Mills has a good writing style which makes it easy to read but what makes the book so good is the descriptions of the way of life of the modern sniper and soldier during combat. It is also an excellent illustration of how the modern day sniper integrates and operates with an infantry battalion. There are many times when the snipers are on patrol with standard battle rifles, SA80’s in this case, and operating in a infantryman role, and then other times they have their sniper rifles, L96A1’s, operating in a traditional sniper role. I think this is far more common then perhaps sniper teams would like to admit but shows the true versatility of the modern sniper. There are some very good stories and incidents in the book and you find yourself caught up in the same emotions as the participants. All in all, a great choice for a good read without much political thoughts… just soldiers doing their duty the best that they can.

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