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Manufacturer’s Links
Visit the McMillan family homepage. The legend of the modern sniper rifles!
First Defense: Everything from high quality bullet proof vests to .50 sniper rifles!
Barrett Firearms!!! You all know them, so go visit their page! For all you .50 BMG fans!
Dakota Arms They make some great custom rifles, including the Longbow, a very nice .338 lapua tactical rifle!
Lapua The legendary ammo company who is responsible for the .338 lapua round
Leupold Scopes: Official Homepage.
Sabco Concealment Sabco builds a ghillie suit that fits into a fanny pack. They also have a system for the rifle.
Montana Rifleman They manufacture and install high quality, hand lapped barrels in over 150 different cartridges.
Remington Law Enforcement Remington Firearms law enforcment homepage. Has all the info on their LE firearms and equipment, plus all of their training offerings.
Prairie Gunworks Custom and semi-production precision rifles, including tactical rifles.
Tactical Concealment Another manufacturer or quaility ghillie suits.
Ops Inc Manufacturers of high quality muzzle brakes and suppressors.
ATN American Technology Network Corp. Manufacturers of nightvision and day optics. Very nice page.
United States Firearms Mfg A leading manufacturer of 19th century Colt replicas and other fine fire-arms.
American Ballistics Manufacturer of 308, 30-06 & 300WM sniper & match ammunition.
Just Shoot Me Products Manufacturer of Ballistic Polymer Reactive Targets
McIntyre Percision, Inc Makers of high quality tactical, long range and dangerous game rifles
Slings Only Manufacture and sale of tactical slings.
Millet Sights Manufacturer of scopes, mounts and aux sights.
AWS Spec Ops Gear Manufacturers of combat gear for soldiers and for equipement.
Armalube Maximum performance, full synthetic gun oil and metal conditioner.
Action Target The largest manufacturer of Law Enforcement and Military steel targets.
Quicksilver Manufacturing Makers of high quality 223 and 308 suppressors.
CTK Precision Manufacturer of shooting rests, gun vises, monopods and gun levels.
Gobal Security Marketing Home of the TAS ballistics adjustment tool.
Alien Targets – Makers of an interesting assortment of alien paper targets. Something different
Venom Tactical – Custom rifle builders with various offerings.

Dealers Links
Ultimate Weapons Systems: Tactical Gear/Accessories
Action Direct Gear for self protection and shooting
Shooter Solutions Useful collection of solutions for all shooters.
Iron Brigade Armory Dealers for the excellent Chandler series of rifles.
US Tactical Supply Lots of good military and Law Enforcement gear.
Tactical Tailor They construct and sell a lot of different rucks, and holsters, etc.
Sullivans’s Classic Arms & Militaria Deals with lots of classic firearms, including sniper rifles.
Brown’s Sporting Goods A nice site for purchasing some fine firearms and other gear.
Cops Plus A dealer in law enforcement supplies.
Galati International Good source for shooting and gun accessories
I E A Ausrüstung International German supplier for Hensoldt Sniper scopes.
Veriforce Tactical Many rifle accessories and also tactical equipment.
Knife Country A large online dealer for knives, axes, swords and other bladed tools.
Night Vision Planet Night Vision Binoculars and Monoculars – Night Vision Goggles and Rifle Scopes
Discount Knives Online Knives and other field gear.
Tactical Supply an online dealer of tactical flashlights and other tactical gear
Gear Zone large supplier of 5.11 gear, blackhawk, and other tactical gers
Tactical Police Supply Discount pricing on police gear and equipement
Tactical Gears Tactical gear for the AR15 M16 M4 AK HK SKS M1A M14 Ruger and Various other Rifles.
Spyder Tactical Supply Dealer of tactical flashlights, knives and other stuff.
Leith Army Stores Scotland based outdoor & military supply store.
Diamond Back Tactical Military personal equipment specialists
Front Sight Tactical Shooting supplies mainly geared toward sniping.
Miles Tactical Ghillie Suites Dealer for many types of ghillie suits and kits.
Able Ammo A firearms, ammo and accessory dealer
Night Vision Planet Dealer in night vision and other optics.
Orion Tactical Gear Dealer in parts and accessories geared towards the AR15 rifle.
Ghillie Suits Online A large dealer in both ghillie suits and ghillie building equipment.
A1 Hunting and Shooting Supplies A fairly large selection of hunting and shooting supplies.
Miles Tactical A dealer in tactical gear including ghillies, cases, handcuffs and more. an online retailer in optical devices including scopes, binos and night vision.
The Ghillie Suits An online dealer in ghillie suits and construction kits.
Miles Tactical Another online dealer in various ghillie suits and pieces.
Eberlestock Very nice outdoor Kit including rucks, etc.
Ghillie Suits Plus Online dealer/manufacturer of ghillie suits.
Farlows Leading UK emporium of shooting clothing and equipment.
Hatch Firearms Firearms part and supplies dealer
Pelican by Ralph an online Pelican case dealer
Ghillie Suite Source a larger online dealer in Ghillie suits
Ghillies and Stuff another online dealer in premade ghillie suits
Ghillie Suit Depot – another online source for various ghillie suits – Online retailer of items specialize for law enforcement
Firearms For You – online dealer in firearms.
Quality Sport Optics – Riflescopes, rangefinders, binoculars, spotting scopes and more.
Night Vision 4 Less – Night vision dealer page
React Gear – Top tactical gear brands at discount prices
Pelican Cases – Pelican case dealer
Strong Gun Safes A large gun safe dealer
Executive Gun Runners Online firearms dealer
Optics Planet Large online optics and firearms accessories dealer.

Sniper Related Pages
Sniper Country a large and popular sniper related page
Snipers Hide another sniper page with a very active forums area
Cyber Sniper another well setup sniper homepage.
Jon’s Sniper Page another Army snipers page.
USMC STA 2/23 – homepage
Sgt. Drake A former marine’s page with some sniper related info.
5th Marine snipers The name says it all
The Hog’s Den Home of the US Army Sniper Association, and other sniper related information
Nightmare one An interesting page about a group of USMC snipers during Iraqi Freedom.
American Snipers Org The non profit page for the benefit of American snipers serving around the world.
francotiradores a French web page about sniping in WWII

Firearms Training Pages
Greg Block’s Firearms Training for all types of personal firearms training.
Storm Mountain firearms training. Lots of expierenced instructors
Awesome Arms tactical firearms training
4 Selfdefense Promotes self defense items for individuals and corporations
NESDI providers of self defense, Sniper, and SWAT training
Snipers Paradise Sniper training and other courses.
Tactical Intervention Sniper and other firearms courses, plus some nice products.
Direct Measures A Very comprehensive training academy.
DL Sports Manufacturer of fine custom sniper rifles and also conduct sniper training and competitions.
ISI Training ISI Training Center Provides Unique, Tactical Training Courses for Police, Military, Governmental Agencies and Selected Security Personnel (Dignitary and VIP Protection).
Recon Training Recon training is one of the premier training and event management operations out there.
Red One Tactical Training UK based training and equipment.
High Desert Special Operations Center Training facility located in Hawthorne NV.
Law Enforcement Educators Training Academy Many military, body guard and law enforcement training classes.
Precision Rifle Workshop Law Enforcement training workshop
Zen Technologies Ltd Manufacturers of firearms training simulators.
Radion Tactics Inc. A tactical and firearms training facility
Top Notch Firearm Training from Front Sight
Rob Furlong’s Marksmanship Academy located in Canada

Firearm Info Pages
Shooters’: A very nice compilation of firearms info!Or just go straight to their mega list of gun related links
GunHoo: Gun Pages Central
Lenny’s militaria page, he provided me with some great pics….thanks Lenny!
Save Our Guns A site devoted to the protection of the 2nd Amendment
Talking Guns A nicely done gun talking forum. Firearms, Guns & Weapons community discussion forums.
Specialists Firearms and Logistics Support This company can help with importing and exporting of firearms
Home Defense Firearm Selection This article was put together by the folks at
How to Choose a Bug Out Firearm Another article from
Gun Pros A general firearms blog

Special Operations Info Pages
Covert Ops: an interactive homepage on all types of covert operations.
Special Ops Great Spec Op page.
Israeli Special Ops This is the Israeli special operations page of They have a nice sniper section.
Silent Ops This is a wonderful page about the British SAS. Lots of history, info, and other great stuff!
US Navy SEAL Store This is a site dedicated selling equipment, training gear and manuals for and about our Frog Men

Reloading Pages
Accurate Reloading Equipment Makers of the Belted Magnum Collet Resizing Die.
Reloaders Nest user contributed reloading recipes and other articles
Hodgdon Powders Info about the hodgdon company, and lots of reloading data
Larry Willis A manufacturer and dealer in specialty reloading tools for long range marksmen.

Misc. Pages
War is Over This is Vlad’s excellent USSR/Russian military history page. Vlad has provided me with a lot of names of famous snipers from WWII.
Sniper Inc. Make sniper related T-Shirts, and other silk screening services.
Action Book Publishers A site with links to many many different firearms sites
Lynn Griffith-Tactical Knifemaker Makers of some high quality tactical knives
Dangerousgame An online novel written by Don Hollway
Ozarks Hunting and Fishing They have a lot of firearms links besides the Ozarks info.
Constant Force They have written a couple of ballistics programs that can be useful for training purposes
Assualt Vest Makers of some very nice assualt vests.
Kitchen Table Gang This is a non-profit, veterans helping veterans page. Its a great cause… The name says it all!
Knife Country USA Online retailer for all sorts of hungting knives, camping knives, fishing knives, swords, etc
Phoenix Sniper Team Call of Duty based “Sniper” only games.
Armed Forces Reading List For those of you that are looking to futher your military knowledge
Military Connections A large and comprehensive information portal for all branches of the military
WC Liberty Safes Wall safes, gun safes, floor safes and more.
Arms Vault A large compiliation of firearms related web pages. (11/10/06)
Benchmade Knives High Quality Benchmade Knives
RDD USA Army Surplus with products such as military clothing & uniforms, military tents & tarps and field gear.
Ears Open, Eyeballs Click The official website of the documentary movie
Wounded Warriors A non-profit organization setup to help wounded veterans.
The Forgotten An independent movie about a forgotten tank battalion during the Korean war. It looks interesting.
My Dog Tag a place to create your own dog tags and order online.
Tatalovich And Associates Renowned security expert available to clients nationwide.
Home Land Safes Manufacturer and Dealer in firearms safes.
Driving Feel a driving and car enthusiast page we have connections to.
National Museum of Crime and Punishment the web site of the Museum itself. Searchable directory of gun stores
Rifle Scope Spy – Reviews, specifications, comparisons, prices and availability of popular rifle scopes. – Probably the largest of the online firearms auction sites.
Flagdom – A good online source for all sorts of different flags include military flags.
Laser Range Finder Reviews – Online comparison and reviews of laser range finders.
Pepper Spray Today – Online retailer for pepper spray.
Shooters Log – Creators of a shooting log application for the iPhone.
NFA Trust Pro – Attorneys specializing in NFA trusts.

Our Favorites – Non Firearms Related
SS Mopar Muscle – Muscle Car restoration shop. Some family ties here
Driving Feel – A driving enthusiasts site, still in its infancy
Jedi Library – Who doesn’t like a good Star Wars fan fiction site?

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