Compared to some of the other more in depth books covering the subject of Snipers and Sniper Rifles, this book is a little light and doesn’t go into as much detail as those other books. But it does give a decent overview of the history and development of the sniper rifle over the years. Because it is not as in-depth, it is a pretty quick read and the one thing I did like about the book is that there are some very nice high quality illustrations in the book that are original, some of them I would like to have as framed art. There is also a good amount of photos to compliment the text. Even though it is a light covering of the topic I did pick up one or two tidbits of history I did not know, though there were probably just as many errors and inaccurate pieces of information as well. Mr. Pegler is from the UK and there is a UK slant to the writing but if you are looking for a quick read about the history of sniper rifles to include developments in as recent as 2010, it will work and the price is right.

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