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Welcome Sniper! You are now the lead sniper in your sniper team. You may choose which mission you would like to try below.

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Welcome to Sniper World, Sniper Central’s own online browser based training simulation.

Sniper World attempts to present real world scenario’s that a sniper team may face in a ‘choose your own adventure’ story telling way. Combined with the decisions that you will be faced with there is an actual basic engagement simulator using HTML5 that presents a target to engage with a mildot reticle that you can then type in various scope settings to try and accurately make hits. These engagements taking in range estimation, wind, aiming point, etc. The idea is to help train for both the mental decisions that need to be made as well as the ballistics and range estimation skills that need to be kept up. Of course, it is intended to be fun as well. The engagements have random ranges and wind to allow for replayability for training.

By using the web browser and HTML5 it allows for us to do this without any software or plugins to be downloaded or installed.

If you are looking for a more realistic FPS style Sniper Simulator, we have a new version of Sniper Sim coming out in Q1 of 2017.