This book is considered one of the original Sniping Classics. Hesketh-Prichard is considered by many to be one of the founding fathers of modern day sniping, he hailed from Great Britain and served during WW I in many capacities, nearly all of them related to sniping but he is most noted for his schools that he founded for several different British Armies. He and his team created the curriculum and tactics for sniping on the allied side during WW I and many of these tactics are still in use today. This book was written by Hesketh-Prichard and comprises his firsthand accounts of various training, tactics, and exploits of snipers during the war and how they turned the tide in favor of the Allied snipers. The book does not provide gritty details, but it does provide a look inside the mind of a soldier who was living and operating during the infancy of modern sniping when most everything was learned by trial and error which often times lead to death. This book is considered one of the classics for good reason and it is well worth reading.

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