The First World War started 100+ years ago and as it moves further from our memories we tend to forget the magnitude of “The War to End All Wars”. Martin Pegler does a very good job reminding us of just how prevalent sniping was during the great war and while historical records are somewhat lacking and hard to find, he has managed to piece together a good amount of historical information to outline the importance that sniping had during this war. In the book there is more information pertaining to the U.K and her allies than there is provided for the Germans and their allies. There is still some general information on the German sniping program, just not as detailed. There are many excerpts from the various journals and books written by the big names in sniping during that time and it is interesting to read about the problems and successes straight from their own writings. There are not a lot of detailed accounts of sniping stories, but there is enough to keep the book interesting and moving well. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the history of sniping, especially since WWI is regarded as the start of the modern era of sniping and many of the tactics, methods and equipment we use now were developed during WWI. Some of those things have evolved since then, but some of them have not. The book is well documented with many footnotes and while a bit slow at times, as history books can be, it is still worth the effort and the reader will be well rewarded with a wealth of historical information.

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