Nigel Greenaway is reproducing this excellent sniper manual used by United Kingdom snipers during and after World War 2. It is an excellent reprint of the 1946 No. 28 Pamphlet (U.K. military manual). There is a lot of information contained within the manual, and while its not nearly as in-depth or as long as FM23-10, it still contains a large amount of useful data. The information is more of a practical field manual, not so much of a technical manual. I found the tidbits and pointers in the book to still be very much useful today. There is more information about fieldcraft then marksmanship, but that has always been the specialty of the U.K. snipers. I found the manual excellent, and a valued addition to our sniping library for both its historic value, and the information contained within. The cost is $25 USD or £15 sterling (cash only). Email Nigel Greenaway if interested in purchasing the manual.

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