As the title indicates, Soviet Women Snipers of the Second World War is a book that covers the involvement of women snipers on the Russian side during World War 2. The book has many pictures of both the snipers as well as propaganda, equipment, and documents mostly pertaining to women snipers during the war. While there are many pictures, there is not much text and the book reads very fast as a result and is only about 110 pages long. The quality of the book is actually quiet high with thick paper and good quality color on just about every page. There are only a handful of women snipers profiled in the book but there were some I had not heard of yet. The additional historical background and information on them was also useful to gain and entertaining. For some of the profiled women snipers there was very little information provided as there just does not appear to be much information about them.

Only about half of the book is about actual Soviet women snipers, the rest of it is filled with historical sections about the firearms they used, military organization, how and what medals were awarded to Soviet soldiers, backgrounds on various battles and other information that only slightly pertains to the subject matter of the book. We do want to also comment on the high quality of the translation as the book was originally written in Russian and then translated into English and it was translated very well and reads easy. Many, if not all, of the original photos were black and white and have been colorized, but again it was done very professionally. While the content in the book is light, the quality of production is very high and the photos and other bits of history about the women snipers make it a worthwhile book to have.

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