We have been doing special orders for Sniper Central members for a long time and we have always allowed anyone, member of not, to request a quote. But up until now you had to be a member to actually place the special order. We are now thrilled to announce that anyone can now request a quote as well as place the order… whether they are a member or not!

So what is the advantage of being a member and requesting a quote? Well, you will get an even better price! But there was no reason not to allow anyone the ability to request a quote and then order the special order item(s). We are not a huge shop and we cater to a very specific niche market, but we can get just about anything and that is why we have the special order system in place. Yes, this includes non sniper related items of which we will give the best price we possibly can.

Request a Quote here

Give us a shot and let us see what we can find for you.

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