This book is an interesting and entertaining read. The book is published in limited release and is available via direct contact only. The book is based on the actual events of a South African sniper in WWII, as written by the subject himself. It is a bit odd in that it is written in the third person, which makes it read more like a novel than historical non-fiction. It is obvious in spots that some content was created to fill in the story, and it may be hard to determine fact from fiction in those areas. But that does not detract too much from the book itself. The book is interesting in both its sniping content, which is detailed and appears mostly accurate, and in the history of the South African military involvement in the various African and European campaigns. The Zulu influences are strong throughout the book, but not too much to cause a major distraction and it does offer additional insight to the culture of South Africa. I enjoyed learning about another part of the world and how they employed their snipers, even if history was enhanced by literary freedoms. If you are interested in reading it, you can contact Hendrik van der Schyff via email to order a copy.

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