This book is a different read than your typical book about sniping, as the first half of the book takes you through the very early development of sniping tactics starting with the Long Bow in the medieval period up through modern sniping in Iraq and the history of Law Enforcement sniping. The second half of the book is personal biographies of some current military and law enforcement snipers written by their own hand, as well as a few industry professionals. The historical part was interesting but it seemed to have more details and information on the very old weapons and tactics then it did with the development of the modern day sniper and tactics today. There were a few things that were not quite right but for the most part it did have a good amount of little facts you don’t see in most of the other books. The Biographies were okay, especially the military ones, though some of them drug on a bit and were perhaps a bit repetitive. Overall the book did offer some interesting facts I did not know before and the biographies, while seeming a bit out of place and almost like a separate book, offers some personal connection to the snipers themselves as men.


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