Developed by Eugene Stoner, This rifle exhibits some of the characteristics of his former designs, notably the AR-10 and the M-16. However, this is not just an upgraded assault rifle, but was designed from the beginning as a sniper rifle. There has been mixed results about this rifle. Some people swear by them, and others do not like them at all. (The 1st SFG comes to mind here). The accuracy has never been an issue, they all tend to be VERY accurate, with .5 MOA attainable. But the reliability during field operations has been questionable. If you decide to go with one of these rifles, you will need to maintain a very tight maintenance schedule to insure reliability, and prolonged field operations will require very close attention. The SR-25 is manufactured by Knights Armament Company (KAC). 

Over time, KAC has further developed, enhanced, and modified the SR-25 into more reliable and modernized versions of the SR-25, such as the M110 for the US Army and the Mk11 Mod0 for the Navy SEALs. But they all have their roots traced back to the original Stoner design.



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I have two stoner SR25 bought in the mid 90’s. One looks just like the one above, target.
The other has the lighter barrel, field use. Both work good, no problems.
The people at Knight are very good, pro’s. I changed the trigger group in the target rifle.
Used Timney 4#. Works nice. Install required me to mill the hammer slot in the bolt
carrier wider by about 0.06″. Both of my rifles had no shell deflector. I shoot left handed.
We made an aluminum and Delren plastic deflector that clips on the Weaver.


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