Our first Long Range Precision Marksman – Basic class of 2019 was just completed yesterday and it was great! As sometimes happens in Montana, the weather did not cooperate with us and the temps never climbed out of the 50s and a few of the days it didn’t climb out of the 40s. We woke up on Wednesday to fresh falling snow, but none of it stuck around, so we counted our blessings. On top of that, the wind was howling most of the class, which actually provided some wonderful high wind shooting conditions for the students to learn in.

The one thing we can say is that the students were fantastic! They stayed motivated regardless of what the weather was doing and they were all eager to learn and it showed. Everyone was able to confirm their dope from 100 to 1000 yards and then they learned and began to master the art of unknown distance shooting. We keep our class sizes small so we can spend time with each shooter and it creates a very tight class as well and they really came together. We were very proud of them all.

We like to keep track of the equipment being used by students because it lets us track trends and the mix for this class had some interesting stats. Here is the break down for the rifles:

  • 3 – Ruger Precision Rifles
  • 3 – Remington 700s in various forms
  • 2 – Tikka T3x A1 Chassis rifles
  • 1 – Larue AR10 platform (6.5 CM)
  • 1 – Custom AR10 – LE duty rifle (308 Win)
  • 1 – GA Precision AR10 (308 Win)
  • 1 – GA Precision custom built bolt action (6.5 PRC)

The breakdown of calibers was as follows:

  • 6 – 6.5 Creedmoor
  • 4 – .308 Win
  • 1 – 30-06 Springfield
  • 1 – 6.5 PRC

As you can see there were more 6.5 Creedmoor than any other cartridge which is showing how strong the trend is in the industry. The 6.5 CM bandwagon continues to be hot and the 6.5 CM does very well. Of the three competitions we ran during the class, one was won by the 30-06, one by the 6.5 PRC, and one by a 6.5 CM. Then a .308 nailed the impromptu fun target on the final day. On top of the cartridges, it was a little odd to have 3 semi-autos on hand. That is more than usual.

For the optics breakdown, it went as follows:

  • 5 – Vortex
  • 2 – Nightforce
  • 2 – Leupold
  • 1 – SIG
  • 1 – US Optics
  • 1 – Nikon

Vortex continues to be a strong player in the market and of course Nightforce and Leupold. We always have a few issues with optics during a long class like this and it was the same here. Even the higher quality stuff can, and does, fail.

All and all, a wonderful class. It was a lot of fun and we had a great mix of students. We had Civilian, LE, and Military from across the country. We only had one student from the state of Montana, which is about normal. We are excited for the next class in 31 days…

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Since you mentioned it, how does everyone feel about the semi autos, I have been tossing around the idea of building some uppers to go on my SR-762 in addition to the original 308 it came as built.
I’m considering 6.5 creedmoor, of course as well as 7mm-08, and probably a 243 win to round out a set so to speak, nothing specific in mind, and true long range stuff is not really feasible in my area. Just a thought bouncing around
Happy Memorial Day Weekend


The Semi’s did just fine and provided you use good stuff, I see no issue. They are not as reliable as a bolt gun and they fling brass all over the place, but they can be very accurate and capable.


The class was everything I could have hoped for. As you stated I thought everyone got along great and were eager to learn. I loved that the weather wasn’t “Perfect”, learning how to compensate for wind was my favorite part of the course. My thanks to all the students and SC team for making it a memorable experience.

Brian Harrison

This was my first long range shooting course and I thoroughly enjoyed it. On day one I had little confidence in myself and my newly acquired equipment. By the end of the class I knew my limitations and what I needed to practice moving forward. The staff and range were great. I plan to return for future trainings.


This was an awesome class to attend. I learned a ton, had fun, and met some great likeminded shooters. Mel and his crew were on target. I plan to come back for future courses.


I was impressed with the instructors, the facilities, and loved the weather. SC took this scope novice with old eyes and bad habits and gave me the basics to achieve and grow. Thank you for your instruction and coaching. I’ll be back!


Guys, I too thoroughly enjoyed the course and the weather did provide a nice learning environment. The crawl, walk, jog, run pace of the class was spot on and lended to a good learning curve. Even for a “math challenged air-pirate” you got me on target in nice cross winds out to 1000 yards with a brand new gas gun. Many thanks to you Mel and your safe and professional team. I’ll be back, with friends.


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