As a part of our ongoing match ammunition comparison tests, we have added a test of the RAUG Swiss P Tactical SolidFNBT ammunition to the 168gr Match Ammo Comparison tests. This ammo is specifically designed for shooting through glass with its solid bullet construction and unique flat nose. Even when shooting through laminate glass at 30 degree angle, it is not supposed to deflect more than a few degrees. We will be testing some glass rounds later but wanted to first get an accuracy test with the ammo, which ended up performing well. The really unique thing we liked is that when we switched from the Swiss P 168gr target load, which would be their traditional sniping ammo, to the 164gr FNBT, the zero remained the same (less than a .25 MOA shift) in both rifles we tested it in. This is a nice feature to have for law enforcement sniping.

Take some time to review the full ammunition performance report on this Swiss P Tactical load.

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