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ABM Ammo Adds .260 Rem Loads

Applied Ballistics Munitions has added the .260 Remington to their lineup of long range precision rifle ammo. Both of their loads uses Berger high BC bullets for long range performance and they appear to be good loads if your rifles like the Bergers. The first load uses the 140gr Hybrid Match Target bullet launched at 2789fps, which when combined with the high BC of 0.618 (G1) should provide excellent long range performance. The second load uses a lighter 130gr Hybrid OTM Match bullet launched at 2847 fps. The BC on this bullet is .564 (G1) which will provide a good mid weight 260 load. For the 260 I always like… Read more »

Tikka T3 Sporter

Can the updated Tikka Sporter target rifle work as a sniper rifle? There is only one way to find out…

Tactical Rifles M40T2

We review another Tactical Rifles build, this time in .260 Rem