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CZ 750 S1M1

CZ 700 M1

The CZ 700 M1 is a new rifle, but CZ has been making quality rifles for many years. The 700 M1 uses a laminated wood stock, which is better then standard wood, but still flexes more in changing weather then a synthetic stock ever would. The stock is easily adjusted with external knobs, but those same knobs may also get in the way and be knocked lose while in the field, some lock tite might be in order once you have the stock adjusted to the desired position. The trigger is fully adjustable externally, which is always a nice feature, and I love the large bolt handle. The bolt has… Read more »

Beretta M501 Sniper Rifle

The Beretta M501 sniper rifle is the Italian Army sniper rifle. The integral harmonic balancer, contained within a tube hidden in the forend of the stock, is used to reduce the vibrations of the barrel, helping to improve accuracy. The rifle has been around since the mid 80’s, and has earned a solid reputation as a fine sniper rifle. It could probably even be better with a synthetic stock, though the contour of the current stock is excellent. The rifle is issued with 1.5-6x42mm Zeiss scope. I have never seen one of these available in the US, and I’m not sure they are available outside the Italian military.

Vapensmia NM149S

The NM149S was developed in close cooperation with the Norwegian Army and is based on the tried and true M98 bolt action. The stock is adjustable for length of pull via a spacer system, and the barrel is of heavy contour and the system shoots very well. There was a problem with the early versions with the stock cracking, but that problem has since been solved. The system is very capable and effective and has been serving in the Norwegian army since 1988. An improved model, the NM149S-F1, has since been developed and produced. It has a better and stronger laminated stock, a permanent front sight, and a flash hider…. Read more »

French FR-F1 & FR-F2

The FR-F1 was developed as a sniper rifle from the old Model 36 action, and has a padded cheek rest and an adjustable butt-stock, using a spacer system. The FR-F2 is an updated version of the FR-F1, it uses a different bipod-stock configuration and has some other general upgrades. These weapons have been around for quite some time and have proven themselves over and over. The FR-F2 is currently the standard issue sniper rifle for the French military. I have no direct experience with this rifle, but from what I hear the FR-F1 was limited by its 3.8 power scope. These rifles tend to be accurate and are a good… Read more »

T.C.I. M89-SR

The M89-SR is designed as a dual purpose weapon. Designed for both urban anti-terrorist operations as well as a battlefield sniper rifle. The rifle is based on the M-14 rifle in a Bullpup configuration. The factory guarantees 1 MOA and offers a full range of accessories and sales service. I have no direct experience with this rifle, but hopefully that will change if T.C.I. can get one of their rifles over to the states to be field tested. It is an interesting design, and appears very compact, and is a full 2 lbs lighter then the U.S. Army M24. with a Guarantee of 1 MOA it should be a darn… Read more »

Galil Sniping Rifle

The Galil is a different sort of sniper rifle. The Isreal defense department took the standard Galil assualt rifle, rechambered it to 7.62x51mm NATO, added a slick little adjustable stock that folds for transport, mounted the bipod to the front of the receiver (as opposed to the barrel), added a two stage trigger and mounted a scope on the side of the receiver to avoid mounting to the stamped receiver on top the rifle. These rifles are vary rare and were made for military only and as such we have not had the opportunity to use this rifle, so we do not have any concrete opinions. Our first impression are… Read more »

Swedish PSG-90

The PSG-90 is the Swedish adopted version of the British L96A1, or Artic Warfare (AW). There is a few differences in the two rifles, mainly in the length of barrel and the twist. The PSG90 also uses a slightly different scope then the UK equivalent. The AW rifles have groves on the bolt to help improve reliability in the snow, a specific Swedish request. The AW series of rifles has a very good reputation and are being adopted in militaries around the world. Accuracy is sub MOA with military ammo, and down around .5 MOA with good match grade ammo. The standard ammo used by the Swedish armed forces includes… Read more »

Tikka T3 Tactical

Tikka is a Finnish company that has been making rifles for a long time. Their recent T3 offering has made quite a stir in the hunting rifle market, as these rifles are built right along side the much more expensive Sako rifles, are extremely smooth functioning and come from the factory with a 1 MOA guarantee. Not bad for a rifle that costs less than your average Remington 700 BDL. Tikka also makes a Varmint rifle that is available in a number of calibers not available in most varmint rifles, though the USA importer, Beretta USA, only imports the .223, .22-250 and 308 into the USA. Then there is the… Read more »