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Knights Armament SR-25

The SR-25 pretty much lead the revolution of MSR/AR-10 based sniper rifles in the US

Robar SR-60 & SR-90

Robar was one of the earlier custom sniper rifle builders and their SR platform of rifles were excellent.

Harris Gunworks M-86

The little known M-86 left its own mark in the history of US military sniping.

Remington 700 Milspec 5R

The mil-spec 5R rifles are extremely popular, let us see why…

Remington 700 VTR

Remington claims the triangle profile of its barrel is an asset, not a hindrance, we aim to find out if that is true.

FN Herstal Patrol Bolt Rifle (PBR)

First off, thanks goes out to Sniper Central Forums member Caver101 for providing the off the shelf FN Patrol Bolt Rifle with 20″ barrel for review. A lot of hype has been made about the new FBI HRT contract with FN Herstal for their new tactical rifles (a special version of the FN SPR rifle line). The FN was chosen after extensive testing between competing models. The PBR rifle reviewed here is a lower end tactical rifle that was intended to be carried in patrol cars (hence the name). But does this rifle have the ability to be used as an everyday tactical rifle? If so, it would be in… Read more »

Remington SPS Tactical

Can this budget Remington tactical perform as needed in a tactical role?

Remington Model 700 P & LTR

The quintessential law enforcement sniper rifle


The A3 model of the M40 was a natural progress of the A1, but it took a while to arrive