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Knights Armament SR-25

New in the Case
.308 Winchester
Rare original SR-25

Friday Update – 2 Oct 2015

Welcome once again to another Sniper Central Friday Update! Its always nice to have you on board… We’ll start with an update on what reviews are coming up. It is looking like the Proof Research full rifle review will be posted next week. We are just wrapping up the finishing touches on it now. The Nightforce direct mount review (its a shorter review) will be about a week behind that and then the Armasight night vision review will be up after that. We want to get a Ruger Long Range and a few other reviews going quickly as well, but we still are devoting a lot of time to getting… Read more »

Friday Update – 21 Aug 2015

Wow, we have a lot to report this time around! Sorry it has been so long since we did our last Friday update, but things have really been hopping around here, which is great! Well, we’ll start with a report on our classes. We just finished up another great Long Range Precision Marksmanship (Basic) class this week with a wonderful class of students that came prepared and were willing to stretch their capabilities. The class did so well that we even setup a 1500 yard target to challenge the students, and they answered the challenge! The winds up at Polson are very tricky and we are finding out it is… Read more »