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3 Shots, 5 Kills

Here is a story that should resonate well with us snipers.

Friday Update – 19 June 2015

Happy Friday to everyone! Congratulations on making it through another week. So what has been happening around Sniper Central… well, I suppose we’ll start with the status of the Sniper Central HQ in Victor Montana. Everything is proceeding on schedule for a September opening. The meeting went well with the ATF and hopefully the new FFL for this location will be forthcoming soon. We have moved in some display counters and we have our nice slat boards on their way to mount on the walls. We’ll have the actual SC sign made starting next month so we can have that hung. We are excited, and it’ll be great to have… Read more »

L115A3 page updated

Just wanted to provide a quick note that we have updated the information on the L115A1 and L115A3 page (AI Super Magnum). You can read the updates here: L115A1 & A3 Of course, any of our British brethren that might have some additional first hand comments about actual field use, we would love to hear them.

Swedish PSG-90

When the Swedes needed a new sniper rifle, they didn’t just adopt the Accuracy International L96A1, they took it a step further!