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Borka Tools Multi Torque Driver

Most of our time doing write-ups and reviews here at Sniper Central is spent with the big three, Rifles, Optics and Ammo. But occasionally we take the opportunity to also review additional items used in the field such as slings, bipods, spotting scopes and even on occasion we like to take the time to look at handy tools for field and deployment use as well. One of the tools that is handy to have for field maintenance of your weapon system is a torque wrench to properly torque your action screws and scope mounting screws while deployed in the field or even just prior to each shooting session to insure… Read more »

PDC Custom Stocks

It is kind of odd that we are reviewing two stocks back to back (we just finished the Manners stock review) but that is just the way it happened to fall. As I mentioned in the Manners review, the market for custom stocks continues to grow and another newcomer is the PDC Custom Stocks. They offer one basic style of stock but with many different options to it as well as offering it for several different actions. The stock we have here that we reviewed is for a Remington 700 short action and included most of the available options. Breaking from the trend of fiberglass or Kevlar stocks, PDC has… Read more »

BulzEyePro – 3x Optical Booster

Have you ever wished that your scope had just a little extra magnification to either get that better sight picture or to possibly better identify the target? Or perhaps you have found the perfect scope but it just didn’t have the magnification range you wanted? The BulzEyePro optical booster tries to help address some of those issues by allowing you to screw on an additional optical boosting lens to the eye piece of your scope. BulzEyePro offers three different styles of boosters that attach to the eyepiece, the #1 screws onto a threaded eyepiece and is the one we reviewed here. The other two styles are designed with a rubber… Read more »

Tactical Intervention Specialists – M24 Sling

Tactical Intervention Specialists has made their name by producing some unique and high quality slings for the tactical rifle community. To base an entire business on the concept of the rifle sling seems to be a bold move and should be an indicator of their confidence in their product. We received an M24 sling for evaluation and to see if their slings were really that much better than any other sling out there. In reality, there is only so much that can be said about a rifle sling as the it really is a pretty simple concept, and how many ways can one really differ from another? The M24 sling… Read more »

TAS Tactical Adjustment System

If you have spent much time in the field in a hide position fumbling through log books trying to determine what calculations to dial in for a 680 meter target on a 10 degree decline from you with a 15 mph wind at your 2 o’clock, you soon realize there is a lot of calculations and information to try and manage just to make a good guess at hitting your target. This is where your log book comes in which will have your zero summary in the front of the book for various ranges as well as a wind chart and probably a chart of inclined shooting, and this data… Read more »

Bradley Adjustable Cheek Rest

About a year ago we took a look at the Bradley M1A Cheekrest which was designed to work with the Springfield Armory M1A and M14 series of rifles which have been around for a while and have all had the same problem of getting good scope alignment. That Bradley setup worked well and we liked the simple and effective design of the strap on cheek rest. While the Bradley M1A was designed to work with just a single type of rifle, Bradley recognized there were a lot of other shooters that could benefit from a similar type of cheek riser, so this time around we are looking at the Adjustable… Read more »

Bradley Cheek Rest – M1A/M14

The Springfield Armory M1A and M14 series of rifles have been around for a long time now and a common problem with scoped versions of these rifles is that the scopes tend to sit quite high on the rifle which causes a problem with getting the shooters eye properly aligned with the scope. There have been some alternatives on the market such as the Karsten adjustable cheek rest, but they require permanently modifying the stock by drilling a few holes. There are also the Eagle and Tac Ops strap on cheek pads made of canvas type material, but they are difficult to get enough height for the M1A rifles. Well,… Read more »

CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Mono-Pod

The rear sandsock has been used by snipers and tactical shooters for many years and has been successful in what it does. It is not the most precise or accurate means of rear support because of the necessity to have easy adjustment covering a wide range of motion. Mono-pods on the rear of the rifle have not been around as long as sand socks, but they have been around for a while now. The idea is to allow a very precise and stable rear rest on the rifle to afford more precise shooting. CTK Precision has designed and developed a new mono pod that we have here for review. The… Read more »

Karsten Adjustable Cheek Piece

Adjustable cheek-pieces have become more and more popular, especially as the objectives on the scopes have grown to 50mm, 56mm, and beyond. In order to get a good cheekweld while keeping the eye in line with the scope a raised cheek-piece has been required. This is a common problem even on the US Army M24 sniper rifle, if you look closely you will often times see snipers that have literally taped on pieces of foam padding (often cut up old sleep pads) to the top of the comb area of the stock of the M24 to raise the eye in line with the scope. I had to do it on… Read more »