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Friday Update – 15 Jan 2016

Welcome to another Friday Update! This is where we like to let everyone know what we have been working on, latest developments at SC, and what might be coming up. If you have been following along, you were aware that some very significant things have been happening to me personally (I married off my first born Daughter!). That went off without a hitch last week and she is very happy! We as her parents feel blessed as well. But just because there was a wedding, doesn’t mean nothing has been happening around Sniper Central, in fact, we have been working on a whole host of things. This week we were… Read more »

Friday Update – 4 Dec 2015

Well, I actually wanted to do a Friday update last Friday and call it the “Black Rifle Friday” in honor of it being black Friday. But things just got a bit too crazy around here and I didn’t get it done. So you’ll just have to live with this update today. We are working hard to get the night vision review completed and it’ll be done soon, we just keep getting distracted. We do have several other reviews lined up right behind it including several rifles, scopes, ammo and many other goodies. Just a bit slowed down with the holiday season. But that always happens. Things around here continue and… Read more »

Friday Update – 20 Nov 2015

Hello fellow snipers and enthusiasts! Welcome to another Friday update where we try and keep everyone up to speed as to what is going on around here.

Unfortunately, I have to start this update off with a “I hate computers” post. As I had mentioned in the last Friday update we did, we were (are?) in the process of upgrading our server. Well, that project has stalled indefinitely.

Friday Update – 30 Oct 2015

Welcome everyone to the Halloween edition of the Friday update! It has been a few weeks since we have posted a Friday update. The reason for the delay is because we have been posting so many additional new pages that I did not want to further convolute the announcements with another update! Some of the recent pages we have posted include: Covert Body Armor for Snipers Full review on a Proof Research 260 Rifle Member Page – Team Communication Nightforce Direct Mount Review A New Book Review Plus a bunch of new product to the store, new options to the rifle packages, news announcements, etc. The pages next in line… Read more »

Friday Update – 2 Oct 2015

Welcome once again to another Sniper Central Friday Update! Its always nice to have you on board… We’ll start with an update on what reviews are coming up. It is looking like the Proof Research full rifle review will be posted next week. We are just wrapping up the finishing touches on it now. The Nightforce direct mount review (its a shorter review) will be about a week behind that and then the Armasight night vision review will be up after that. We want to get a Ruger Long Range and a few other reviews going quickly as well, but we still are devoting a lot of time to getting… Read more »

Friday Update – 18 Sept 2015

Welcome again to another Friday update. As you might imagine, our big push right now is to get the Sniper Central HQ open to the public. We are so close, the only thing we are waiting on are the security gates to be installed on the windows and door. At that point we can move all the cool stuff in and open the doors for people to visit! Unfortunately, the door company cannot do it for another week, so we’ll officially be open to the public on October 1, 2015 in Victor Montana. Some of the stuff you’ll be able to see, hold, and even purchase if you would like,… Read more »