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Steyr SSG69 PI with Kahles ZF84

A unique piece of sniping history that was a pioneer in modern sniper rifle development, the SSG-69 finds a home in the Sniper Central Collection

Kahles K624i – Full Review

Kahles claims to be the Rifle Scope Pioneer, we check out one of their latest to see if it lives up to the claim.

Advance Class Scope Selection

We just thought we would present a breakdown of the scope selection of our 12 students in our Advanced class, which ends tomorrow. 3 – Leupold 3 – Kahles 2 – Nightforce 1 – Premier Reticle 1 – Sightron 1 – Bushnell DMR 1 – Vortex The high number of Kahles was interesting and they are fantastic scopes. The Holland was another interesting scope we don’t see a lot of. This info doesn’t really mean anything, we just thought it was interesting and thought we would share.