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Falcon Optics Merlin 10x42T Tactical Rifle Scope

You have never heard of Falcon Optics? Well, neither had we until the name, and a link popped up on the forums. Falcon Optics discovered the small discussion about their tactical scope and then contacted us to introduce themselves and tell a little about their scope. The reason we had not heard of them is because they are a U.K. based company and do not currently have many of their scopes in the USA, but they are looking to change that, and that was one of the reasons they contacted us. Arrangements were made and we received one of these scopes for review. Falcon optics makes other rifle scopes as… Read more »

Burris Fullfield II 3-9x40mm

We test an early hunting scope with BDC reticle

Baush & Lomb 10x Tactical

An early tactical scope that is now a classic

Hawke Optics Frontier 6-24x50mm SF

We take this good quality target style scope for a spin to see how it does