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Winchester Custom Classic Sharpshooter II

Back in the 1990’s, the Winchester Custom shop built a Classic Sharpshooter tactical rifle. We put one of these classic rifles through the full test to see how it does today…

US Army M21 and XM21

The M21 is a classic sniper rifle built during, and for, the Vietnam war where it served with great distinction. We provide a history of the XM21 and M21 system here.

Tikka T3 Sporter

Can the updated Tikka Sporter target rifle work as a sniper rifle? There is only one way to find out…

Springfield Armory M1A EBR

We check out an EBR M14 to see how it does in a sniper and designated marksman role

CZ 750 S1M1

We put the standard CZ 750 sniper rifle through a full test to see how it does

CZ 527 Varmint HS

A varmint rifle that seems to punch above its weight

CZ 700 M1

Considered by many to be a legend…