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Tactical Precision Systems Rings and Bases

Recently there have been a few new comers to the arena of high quality tactical rings and bases. One of these new commers is Tactical Precision Systems, or TPS for short. TPS makes several styles of rings, out of several different materials. They also make bases that are 0 MOA and 20 MOA cant, out of the same variety of material (Stainless Steel and Alloys). For this review, I received a set of 30mm Alloy TSR “low” rings, and a XP 20 MOA base for a remington short action. The first thing that many people will notice is the price. You can get a set of rings and bases together… Read more »

Burris Burris Signature Zee Rings and Offset Inserts

Many shooters believe that they need tactical rings and bases when in fact they spend 95% of their shooting time shooting from a bench at the local shooting range. In reality, a typical cheap aluminum scope ring would serve them just fine in these conditions. Now, do not get me wrong, the high quality (and expensive) rings and bases like Leupold Mark4, Badger Ordnance, US optics, TPS, Warne and others are fantastic and are far more durable and grip the scope more solid than an average hunting ring… but are certainly overkill for most rifles, even tactical rifles. Those agencies that are on a tight budget or otherwise limited in… Read more »