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Leupold Mark 8 3.5-25x56mm M5B2

With 8x magnification range and a host of other desirable features, Leupold enters the realm of ultra high end tactical scopes

Falcon Optics Menace 4-14x44mm FFP

By now we are familiar with the Menace series of Falcon scopes, and this one will probably be the last one we review for a while. But we wanted to be sure we got this one out there as it is perhaps the most tactical of the Falcon lineup of scopes. Falcon Optics has been listening to what the tactical community wants and they have put it all together in a single scope. The model is the 4-14x44mm Front Focal Plane (FFP) scope. We have a pre production model here as the scopes are not scheduled to be out for another month or so This 4-14×44 version of the Menace… Read more »

Falcon Optics Menace 4.5-18x56mm Tactical Rifle Scope

We have reviewed a couple of the Falcon scopes before, both the Merlin 10×42 and its replacement, the Menace 10×42. Falcon has additional scopes in their Merlin lineup that are geared more toward hunting, but they are also now just bringing out their variable power Menace lineup which includes a 4.5-18x56mm and a 4-14x44mm Front Focal Plane (FFP) model. The one we are reviewing here is a preproduction 4.5-18x56mm model. This 4.5-18x56mm version of the Menace scope appears to be a good solid scope that shares a few of the same features as the 10×42 model. But in reality the scopes are considerably different. Of course, the two most obvious… Read more »

Falcon Optics Menace 10x42T

We reviewed our first Falcon Scope a few months back, the Merlin 10x42T tactical scope, and we liked what we saw for the price range that the scope was offered in, and we even brought some in ourselves and sold them. Since then, Falcon has continued to develop their scope lineup and they went ahead and revised their 10×42 tactical scope and upgraded it in several ways. The new scope is called the Menace 10×42 and while they considered offering both models, they ultimately decided that they could get the price close enough that they could just replace the old Merlin with the new Menace without much of a price… Read more »

Falcon Optics Merlin 10x42T Tactical Rifle Scope

You have never heard of Falcon Optics? Well, neither had we until the name, and a link popped up on the forums. Falcon Optics discovered the small discussion about their tactical scope and then contacted us to introduce themselves and tell a little about their scope. The reason we had not heard of them is because they are a U.K. based company and do not currently have many of their scopes in the USA, but they are looking to change that, and that was one of the reasons they contacted us. Arrangements were made and we received one of these scopes for review. Falcon optics makes other rifle scopes as… Read more »