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Springfield Armory M1A EBR

We check out an EBR M14 to see how it does in a sniper and designated marksman role

Yugoslavia M-76

The M76 is a modified AK-47/74 that has been accurized with a longer and heavier barrel and a modified stock that is more comfortable and ergonomical. The M76 has also been chambered in 7.92×57 Mauser, a much better long range caliber then either the 7.62x39mm or 5.45x39mm calibers of the rifles its derived from. The M76 Teloscopic sight is essentially a Russian PSO-1 with active IR illumination detection ability and a lighted reticule. Its calibrated with a BDC out to 1200 meters, but that is fairly optimistic for the performance of the rifle. The rifle also comes with a 5x80mm passive night vision scope, which appears to be about the… Read more »

Russian Dragunov SVD

The U.S.S.R. adopted sniper rifle of 1963, and still being used.

Walther WA2000

Can someone say “DREAM RIFLE”? My personally favorite sniper rifle is the Parker-Hale M85, but the WA2000 sure ranks up there on my wish list, and there is probably no other rifle that conjures up imaginations like the WA2000. This rifle was designed from the ground up as a sniper rifle, it is not an adaptation from an existing rifle. No expenses were spared in the design and construction of the WA2000, which may have been what ultimately doomed the rifle. The retail cost when new (in the 80’s) was $12,500. The .300 was choosen as the primary caliber because of its long range accuracy and its consistancy at all… Read more »


The SR9 is essentially a redesigned HK91, to make it more of a sporter rifle. While all HK’s display good accuracy, the standard SR9 does not meet the everyday accuracy standards of sniping. But the (T) and (TC) versions of the SR9 can make nice sniper/marksman’s rifles. The (T) is the target version of the SR9 and uses the PSG-1 trigger group with the MSG-90 adjustable stock. The rifle is tuned for better accuracy and will shoot down around 1 MOA with some good ammo and a good shooter. If a semi-auto is required for your team, and your running a pretty tight budget, the SR9(T) might deserve a hard… Read more »


The PSG-1 is said to be the most accurate semi-auto in the world. There is a lot of other rifle manufacturers that will dispute this, but the PSG-1 has become the standard that the others must meet. The accuracy standard that all PSG-1’s must meet is 50 rounds of match ammo into an 80mm (3.14″) circle at 300m. (1 MOA). Keep in mind this is 50 rounds, not a 3 shot group. The PSG-1 is popular in some Special Op units and elite anti-terrorist units. It really does not lend itself well to the Military environment because of 2 reasons. First it ejects the shells about 10 meters, and this… Read more »

Les Baer .308 Semi-Auto Match

When people think of Les Baer Custom (LBC) the first thing that normally comes to mind are their amazing 1911 pistols. But a few years back they decided to branch out and take their gunsmithing skills to the long gun side, and they started building custom AR rifles. That eventually led to building both precision bolt action rifles as well as precision 308 semi autos, both of which are geared toward military sniping as well as Law Enforcement sharpshooters. With the adoption of the M110 by the US Army we have also been focusing on some of the semi-auto sniper rifles that are available, and in a continued review of… Read more »


A while back we took the opportunity to review a DPMS Panther LR-308B which proved to be a decently capable shooter, though with a few items that could be improved. But the rifle did shoot well and was a good performer for a lower end 308 AR rifle. The opportunity came up a bit later to review DPMS’s full blown sniper rifle, in fact, the top of the line long range 308 semi-auto, the LRT-SASS. For those of you that may not know, SASS is an acronym for Semi-Auto Sniper System and you can read about the US Army’s adoption of the M110 SASS and its capabilities. DPMS submitted their… Read more »

DPMS Panther LR-308B

Over about the past decade, the AR-15 (M16) based rifles have really proven themselves as reliable and very accurate semi-auto rifles. As has been a natural progression of the rifles (actually, going back to its original development roots) 308 versions of the design have also become popular. While the AR10 based platforms are not as standardized as the AR15 based rifles, most of the major AR manufacturers have developed their own 308 based rifles. Because they are their own designs, many of the parts will not interchange between manufacturers, unlike the AR15 based rifles. The DPMS Inc. Panther Long Range (LR) rifles is one of the major players in the… Read more »

Knights Armament SR-25

Developed by Eugene Stoner, This rifle exhibits some of the characteristics of his former designs, notably the AR-10 and the M-16. However, this is not just an upgraded assault rifle, but was designed from the beginning as a sniper rifle. There has been mixed results about this rifle. Some people swear by them, and others do not like them at all. (The 1st SFG comes to mind here). The accuracy has never been an issue, they all tend to be VERY accurate, with .5 MOA attainable. But the reliability during field operations has been questionable. If you decide to go with one of these rifles, you will need to maintain… Read more »