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Knights Armament SR-25

The SR-25 pretty much lead the revolution of MSR/AR-10 based sniper rifles in the US

Robar SR-60 & SR-90

Robar was one of the earlier custom sniper rifle builders and their SR platform of rifles were excellent.

Harris Gunworks M-86

The little known M-86 left its own mark in the history of US military sniping.

Remington 700 Milspec 5R

The mil-spec 5R rifles are extremely popular, let us see why…

Remington 700 VTR

Remington claims the triangle profile of its barrel is an asset, not a hindrance, we aim to find out if that is true.

FN Herstal Patrol Bolt Rifle (PBR)

Designed to be carried in a patrol car, this compact duty bolt gun is capable of even more

Remington SPS Tactical

Can this budget Remington tactical perform as needed in a tactical role?

Remington SR8

An early Remington 700 based rifle chambered in .338 Lapua… but it never made production

Remington Model 700 P & LTR

The quintessential law enforcement sniper rifle

Barrett M-82A1 (XM107)

Everyone knows the big Barrett .50 BMG SASR…