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Ruger American Predator – Full Review

Can this ultra low cost “predator” rifle perform as a long range precision rifle? We perform a full review to find out.

How we test rifles and scopes

Ever wondered how we test rifles and scopes? Now you can see all the details.

Mossberg MVP LR – Full Review

Mossberg rifles are known for their low price, but can they put together a competent low price long range tactical rifle?

Snowy Mountain Rifles Custom 300

We have been impressed with SMR’s rifles in the past and it was time to take a look at a custom built 300 Win Mag

US Army M21 and XM21

The M21 is a classic sniper rifle built during, and for, the Vietnam war where it served with great distinction. We provide a history of the XM21 and M21 system here.

Rifle package configuration guide

In an effort to try and help shooters decide on the huge amount of options available out there for rifle packages, we put together just a quick configuration guide to discuss some of those choices. Hopefully its of use to those working on putting together a rifle package, either on your own or from us. Rifle package configuration guide

H&K PSG-1 Full Review

We take the classic to the range for some one on one time, and it is memorable!

M40-66 Full Review

A modern take on one of the preeminent classic sniper rifles