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M1C/D Sniper Rifle page updated

We have updated the M1C page with more information about these classic sniper rifles. Feel free to check the page out here: M1C/D Garand Sniper Rifles

Steyr SSG Carbon now available in USA

Steyr announced their SSG Carbon rifle back at SHOT in 2014, but the orders came pouring in and they were backlogged for over a year. Finally they have gotten caught up and there will be rifles available in the USA. The SSG Carbon uses the same barreled action from the SSG08 chambered in 308 with a 20 or 22.4″ barrel and the uses a carbon fiber stock to complete the rifle. The fully adjustable stock does not use woven carbon fiber fabric, but rather uses “chipped” carbon much like Formula 1 cars do. Carbon fiber is light weight, but even so, these rifles are not lite, weighing in at over… Read more »

Tikka T3 Sporter

Can the updated Tikka Sporter target rifle work as a sniper rifle? There is only one way to find out…

Springfield Armory M1A EBR

We check out an EBR M14 to see how it does in a sniper and designated marksman role

Yugoslavia M-76

Designed to get the job done

CZ 750 S1M1

We put the standard CZ 750 sniper rifle through a full test to see how it does

CZ 700 M1

Considered by many to be a legend…