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Steyr SSG69 PI with Kahles ZF84

A unique piece of sniping history that was a pioneer in modern sniper rifle development, the SSG-69 finds a home in the Sniper Central Collection

Kimber 84M LPT .223 Rem

Very Good Condition
24″ Barrel
Rare LPT Rifle

Steyr SSG-04 .308

Very Good Condition
24″ Barrel
Very Accurate

Steyr Pro THB – Full Review

We check out this affordable offering from Steyr to see if it might be a suitable SSG-69 replacement

Steyr SSG-04 – Full Review

We perform a full review on the Steyr SSG-04 sniper rifle in 308 Win. to see how it stacks up as a military grade sniper rifle

Friday Update – 20 Nov 2015

Hello fellow snipers and enthusiasts! Welcome to another Friday update where we try and keep everyone up to speed as to what is going on around here.

Unfortunately, I have to start this update off with a “I hate computers” post. As I had mentioned in the last Friday update we did, we were (are?) in the process of upgrading our server. Well, that project has stalled indefinitely.

Steyr SSG Carbon now available in USA

Steyr announced their SSG Carbon rifle back at SHOT in 2014, but the orders came pouring in and they were backlogged for over a year. Finally they have gotten caught up and there will be rifles available in the USA. The SSG Carbon uses the same barreled action from the SSG08 chambered in 308 with a 20 or 22.4″ barrel and the uses a carbon fiber stock to complete the rifle. The fully adjustable stock does not use woven carbon fiber fabric, but rather uses “chipped” carbon much like Formula 1 cars do. Carbon fiber is light weight, but even so, these rifles are not lite, weighing in at over… Read more »

9 Jan 2015 – Friday Update

Its time for another friday update from your crew at Sniper Central! It has been a productive week, we were able to publish a new book review for “Sniper in Helmand”, which you can see here: Sniper Central Book Reviews We were also able to get the Tikka T3 Sporter review completed and posted as well. If you have not seen it yet, you can see (and hopefully read) it here: Tikka T3 Sporter: Full Review We were actually out at the range a couple of times this week finishing up the shooting portion of the Nightforce 2.5-10x42mm Compact review as well as running some tests on some special 170gr… Read more »