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Introducing our Survival School

Our two day wilderness survival school is now active and ready for all those that want to learn the basics of wilderness survival

Survival Course now available

We have just added a new survival course taught through our Northwest Defense branch of Sniper Central. This course is taught by off duty SERE instructors and is based around survival in various seasons of the year. Right now we have summer and fall posted and available for registration. You can find out more information and register online here: Seasonal Survival Course  

Survival Training in Montana

Hey everyone. We wanted to extend an invitation to anyone who may be interested in attending a Survival Course up here in Montana. We have been working with a company up here in Montana called North West Defense (there will be a lot more information about them coming soon) and they have a Winter Survival class coming up on Feb 21-23. This is not just your normal average survival class, but rather it is taught by the experts in the field, SERE School instructors. There are only a few slots left and the cost of the course is $300. The class is open to everyone and you can reserve your… Read more »